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Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in the United States and a very competitive digital market. In the “brick and mortar” world, it was said that the three most important decisions one could make were “location, location, and location.” Location is important in acquiring “foot-traffic.” In today’s digital world, the “location” is page one of Google search engine results, and the “foot-traffic” is “clicks.” Mastery of digital marketing has, therefore, become a critical factor in business success. Get Ranked On Page One has the knowledge, strategies, experience, and expertise to help you navigate the Jacksonville digital marketing landscape.

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With more and more businesses pursuing digital marketing, the competition to get noticed online is more keen than ever. Any business with an online presence MUST have  a digital marketing strategy. But what small business owner has the time, the knowledge, or the ability, to run both a successful business and a successful digital marketing campaign? Get Ranked On Page One can fulfill the online marketing role for your company. We have the tools, resources, and proven strategies to propel your company, in virtually any service niche, to the top of local Google rankings. 

If you want a larger slice of the Jacksonville market, you MUST get ranked on page one of Google and you must partner with the company that has the digital marketing knowledge, strategies, capabilities, and expertise to get you there. Get Ranked On Page One is that Jacksonville digital marketing company! 

When you partner with us, we will deliver the following specific needs.


Ranking on the first page of Jacksonville search engine results should be the goal of your digital marketing efforts. If your company is not on page one, it is virtually invisible to the consumer. It is surprising how many websites are lacking in search engine optimization (SEO) basics.For example, many websites confuse Google by not having their Title and Header Tags in order, or by having too many Header Tags. (Follow the steps under "Free Ranking Tips" to ensure that your Title Tag, Header Tag, and Meta Description are in order.) We conduct a "multi-point" SEO inspection of your website to locate and correct any search engine optimization anomalies. Call us today! The sooner that you contact us, the sooner that we can start your march up the rankings ladder.


Here are a few FREE, simple, but important, steps to take to get your rankings moving in the right direction. Whoever maintains your website for you can implement these changes in minutes. First, align your Title Tag with your Header Tag in this manner: service+ location (or vice-versa) | company name. Ensure that there is only ONE Header Tag! While you're at it, align the start of your Meta Description with the Title Tag and Header Tag. Start the next sentence with your company name and then go into a good description of your service(s)/company. Once you make these changes, you should start to see your rankings climb within a few days. Then our system can take it from there to get your site to the top of page one.


Once you hire us, the first thing our digital marketing experts at Get Ranked On Page One will do is conduct an on-page SEO audit of your website. Proper on-page SEO is critical to any successful SEO campaign.Once we get your on-page SEO in order, we can begin to carry out the subsequent steps to propel your site to the top of page one. Contact us today via the form below.


Once an on-page SEO audit is completed, we can begin to take the other steps necessary to boost your online presence. The manner in which we deploy our resources for you, and the timing with which we deploy them, differentiate our strategies --and our results--from other agencies. Start your rankings climb today! Fill out the form below now.

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