who we are

Get Ranked On Page One is a leading digital marketing agency in Jacksonville, Florida. We have a simple mission: to rank your company at the top of page one of Google’s local search results for your particular service or niche.

If you offer more than one service, our goal is to get all of them ranked on page one of local search results for you.

If you have locations in multiple cities, we can assist you in getting your company ranked on page one in those localities as well.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be ranked on page one. 94% of searchers on Google don’t make it past page one. Less than 1% of clicks occur on page two. If your business is not on page one it may as well not exist online. You can bet that, if you are not taking the necessary steps to get ranked on page one, a competitor is.

This is why digital marketing is crucial to business success today. But what small-business owner has the time, the knowledge, or the ability to navigate the increasingly complex world of digital marketing?

Get Ranked On Page One fills that gap for your company. Our digital marketing strategies and resources have helped numerous businesses get to the top of Google’s local rankings and we can do the same for your Jacksonville business. 

our expert team

It is said that Google’s algorithm considers over 200 factors in determining where they are going to rank a website. We have no idea what they all are. However, we at Get Ranked On Page One have a good idea of what some of the more important ones are, and this is where we concentrate our digital marketing efforts.

We employ experienced digital marketing pros, each with his, or her, own area of expertise, to combine talents, efforts, resources, and strategies to propel your company to the top of local Google rankings in a relatively short period of time.

Our general strategy remains the same from niche-to-niche or from city-to-city–because it has been proven to work–but we tailor our specific digital marketing strategy to your business. 

When you partner with us at Get Ranked On Page One, THE leading experts in digital marketing in Jacksonville, you can be assured that we have only one goal in mind: getting you to to the top of local Google rankings. 

Our Approach

Get Ranked On Page One understands that every business is unique, and this is why we like to develop a partner-friendly approach in working with our customers. We follow the steps below in attempting to deliver the best service possible to our customers. 


We begin by first listening to you and your needs. We understand that the way we can best serve you is by first understanding what your goals are. So, if you have a business in Jacksonville and are in need of a digital marketing partner, contact us today. We are ready and willing to help you meet your goals.

Analyze and Plan

Once you contact us, we will analyze your situation. Our main goal is to ensure that we understand your needs. With this understanding, we plan the services to be delivered. Our digital marketing strategists will then come up with the best plan of attack for your business.

Create and Measure

Finally, we implement what we think are the best specific approaches and strategies to help market your business. And then we continually evaluate the effects of these strategies in meeting your goals.